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    The Weeping Tree

    March 15 2017

    The experience of life conjures many moments, however brief, but remain eternally significant.

    Filmed in Shanghai, 'The Weeping Tree' follows a young man's discovery as he gets lost in the labyrinth of a female dancer in an uninhabited city. Jeffrey Darling discusses the short film and how it celebrates the impermanent capacity of memory.

    ‘The Weeping Tree’ (translated from ‘Willow Tree’ in Chinese) is a story of a young man’s discovery of a character of intrigue as a young woman simultaneously moves strangely through an old city, somewhat mesmerising him. As we move through the film, he is further lost in the labyrinth before finally emerging, arriving in front of the woman dancing destructively under tree. The simplicity of eye contact through their exchange humiliates him with the power of her torment.

    The piece was shot in Chedun, China in a back lot an hour and a half out of Shanghai. It is an old city whereby we were able to utilise it’s laneways and odd streets, bringing the idea of hanging the weeping tree into a reality. The tree was plucked from a nursery and replanted within the lake of the backlot.

    “It is very much like the idea of scent, where it plays into the world of memory and moments you've had."

    Within our exploration of this world, the experience of life can conjure many moments, however brief, which can remain eternally significant. This is very much like the idea of scent, where it plays into the world of memory and moments that become recalled and everlasting due the personal experience you’ve had.


    The Weeping Tree
    Directed by Jeffrey Darling
    Words by Jeffrey Darling

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