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    Sarah drinks words for breakfast. She likes to make stuff. Loves the plain and the luxurious jammed together. Loves the luxuriousness of being underwater surrounded by liquid. Loves the idea of diving into molten lava for its heat and viscosity but knows it's a life ending dumb idea. Loves when a little goes a long way. Smell shorthands everything: a memory, a place, a feeling. Jeffrey thinks in images. He thinks a good image asks more questions than it answers. Finds the beauty in the ugly and the ugly in beauty. Loves to make, loves the smell of a landscape, the exploration of story and cultures and always looking for poetry and more poetry. Sarah and Jeffrey have had a long creative relationship in writing, design and film. Map of the Heart was borne out of a creative need to further explore the full atlas of the senses. It draws on their passion for story and understanding that scent is as transporting and intoxicating as words, images and film.


    Pierre Dinand

    Pierre Dinand is the designer's designer. He is perfume bottle design royalty. His design challenges the comfort of fragrance bottle design with its signature of an anatomical heart in all its ugly beauty that fits perfectly in the hand. It is a hym of proportion and tactility. "From the 700 perfume lines I have designed over 50 years this bottle was one of the most technically difficult. This project asked as much of me as YSL Opium or Eternity by Calvin Klein. I am very proud."


    Jacques Huclier

    Jacques is a master perfumer who thinks in scents. He masterfully translated words and images into scents that soar and sing. Each heart has its own distinctive olfactory poetics. As a nod to the brand's Australian heritage he wove a fil rouge of Australian sandalwood into each of the hearts. "To influence my creative process I let my imagination wander into my olfactory experiences from travelling around the world. It was important to work freely. I gave a different dimension to this wonderful project around the true values of the heart."
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